Colon and Vasta White - Their Story

COLON EZRA WHITE and VASTA BEATRICE ROGERS were married January 14, 1925 in Randolph County, Arkansas.

Colon Ezra White was the second child of three and born on January 20, 1897 in Ravenden Springs, Arkansas in a cabin hand-built by his father William Jasper White and mother Arkansas Emiline Spaulding. Colon died March 30, 1983 in Paragould, Arkansas and buried at Harvey’s Chapel Cemetery in Marmaduke, Arkansas.

Vasta Beatrice Rogers was the sixth child of eight and born June 29, 1902 in Hardy, Arkansas and died July 14, 1991 in Paragould, Arkansas. She is buried next to Colon at Harvey’s Chapel Cemetery in Marmaduke, Arkansas. Vasta is the daughter of William “Walker” Rogers and Mary McAda Elkins.

Colon and Vasta were full time members of the First United Methodist Church in Marmaduke where Vasta played the piano at the church services until she retired the job and Colon was a board member.

At the age of 21, Colon was drafted into the World War I. He served his time overseas in the Calvary where he tended to the welfare of the horses. Elmer McHaney, D.S. Estep, R.C. Blankenship, Alvie Hampton, COLON WHITE, and N.D. Reynolds were men who were not only veterans of WWI but also men who helped to shape Marmaduke, AR into what it is today. Together they organized the first American Legion Post in Marmaduke.

After returning home from his time served in WWI, at the age of 23, Colon, along with his brother Raymond, age 17, lived with their father William Jasper, age 70, in Janes Creek, Arkansas. Jointly they worked the family farm until Colon, age 27, met and married Vasta Rogers in 1925, age of 22.

Together they raised six children:

Murrell Coy “Mutt” born Feb 16, 1926 in Marmaduke, AR, and died in 1992 where he is buried next to his parents at Harvey’s Chapel Cemetery in Marmaduke, AR. Murrell married Mary Bell on March 12, 1951, where they lived in Michigan, and Lois McClung in 1989. They lived in Marmaduke, AR

William Wayne “Short born October 27, 1927 in Marmaduke, AR
Married Rava Nell Stokes on November 19, 1949

Paul O’Dell “Porky” born March 18, 1930 in Ravenden Springs, AR
Married Willa Dean Miller on August 14, 1954

Loran Kaye “Lefty” born January 6, 1932 in Ravenden Springs, AR
Married Sarah Rose Hatcher on April 7, 1952

Darrell O’Neil “Chuck” born May 22, 1934 in Ravenden Springs, AR
Married Peggy Bullinger in 1955

Cora McAda “Cora Mac” born September 18, 1936 in Ravenden Springs, AR
Married Robert Edward Dowler in September 1954

Colon’s occupation was a farmer, as was most men in those times. He was very active in the building of Marmaduke.

Vasta was a school teacher in Ravenden Springs, Arkansas for a short time. She loved to play the piano, make lovely crafts, and work in the yard.